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In Class 5/6, we study English through a range of high-quality texts. We are encouraged to read regularly and to enjoy reading! We share stories and explore different types of literacy, including audiobooks, podcasts, short films, poetry, information texts and also texts that we are interested in such as football fixtures and results, sports commentaries and reports, magazine articles, blogs, news reports and books from home! 


We learn Spellings through the 'Spelling Shed' scheme, which links to our Reading scheme (VIPERS from the Literacy Shed). We are learning the Year 5/6 Statutory Spellings (see the document below for an overview of these). 


Punctuation and Grammar are also taught through a text, to give the concepts purpose and to help us apply them in our own writing.


We like to link our texts to the topic we're studying in our wider curriculum. Two of the books we'll be looking at this term, linking to our 'Rainforest' topic are:




Ask us about them!



Keep your eyes peeled for some exciting developments in Reading across the school...

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