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*February/March 2020*


We're moving through the book at a steady pace and are already about to start Chapter 12. We've completed some great work based-on VIPERS including a vocabulary challenge in small groups, answering inference questions and some wonderful writing.

This week, we're writing a 'WANTED' article for Thanatos. He's escaped from his prison under Stonehenge in the story and we're pretending to be journalists writing for the Daily Argus newspaper, tasked with finding him and returning him to his cell before he can wreak havoc!

We'll share some of our finished writing on our 'Class News' page next week (W/B 2nd March). For now, take a look at Thanatos and ask us about the brilliant vocabulary we used to describe him!





*February 2020*


We're really enjoying reading 'Who let the Gods out?'. Mrs. Daniels sometimes gives us printed chapters to read but we also use her Kindle Cloud Reader which puts the book on our whiteboard screen so we can all read it together. We like the story because it's funny, interesting and we're unsure about what will happen next! We've completed some brilliant writing based-on this book so far!


Ask us about what happened here, at the end of Chapter 8! We were all a little bit worried for Virgo!


*January 2020*


"Who let the Gods out?" by Maz Evans.