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From Monday 24th February, we'll be holding weekly after-school SATs Booster sessions for Year 6 pupils who are sitting their SATs in May. 

During these sessions, we'll be looking at past papers and working on exam technique and timing, as well as revising any topics that the children feel like they want to recap!

Past papers are available for free online, via the following link: 

so please feel free to have a look at them with your child to help familiarise them further with the tests.


'BBC Bitesize' offers some wonderful resources and revision for pupils; you can choose from any subject/topic and the national curriculum content is covered in fun, engaging games, lessons and interactive resources:



Another great resource for children to revise (in a fun way) is 'Top Marks'

This website has lots of games, links to revision websites and interactive resources to help children revise for their SATs. You can select the age-group (Key Stage 2 or 7-11) and the subject (Maths and English are most beneficial) and the children can practise their skills. They will be familiar with this website as we use lots of the resources from here in lessons. One of our favourites ('Spooky Spellings') can be seen below!



Mrs. Mitchell has subscribed us to 'SumDog' ( and all of the children have been given a login. This website has fun games for the children to practise their arithmetic, calculations and problem-solving skills which is great revision for their maths SATs papers!


We will be working hard with the children in school to help prepare them for their tests, but we will be treating their SATs as an opportunity to celebrate their achievements and encouraging them to show-off everything they know! We don't want the children worrying or feeling anxious about their SATs so, although important, we remind them that they can only do their best and we're so proud of them! 


Many thanks for your support,

Mrs. Daniels