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Our Best Work

Some of our best work from WB: 24th May

Superstar Writer: 21st May

Some of our best work from WB: 17th May

Weekly Dojo Report


Current total, as of 14.05.21

Let's keep working as team to earn the 2000 points needed for our music festival!


Congratulations to Charlotte in our class, who recently received a trophy award for her amazing achievement in Karate!

Well done Charlotte, and thank you for sharing your success with us!

Some of our best work from WB: 4th May 2021

Exciting times!


Mrs. Daniels will be continuing the hunt for her 'Superstar Writers' in Class 5/6. If you receive this coveted award, not only will you enter the 'Class 5/6 Writers Hall of Fame', you'll receive a special mention in class and one of Mrs. Daniels' super, special stickers... (ask Class 5/6 about these!).


Linked to this, we are also watching out for 'VIPERS champions' in reading and encouraging you to earn a pen licence with neat, cursive handwriting!


Similarly, Mrs. Daniels is constantly on the lookout for Mathsmagicians! To become one of our magical mathematicians, you need to demonstrate strong reasoning, arithmetic and/or mastery skills in our maths lessons. 


A new addition to our 'Best Work' page is the STEM Star! This will be awarded to pupils who demonstrate outstanding skills in our science, technology, engineering (DT) and maths lessons. 


Mrs. Daniels and Mrs. Shorthose are also always on the lookout for children who are helpful, kind, polite and tidy in our classroom and across the whole school. DOJO points are always available!


As a class, we're earning DOJO points - our target is 2000. If we reach 2000 by May half-term, we'll win ourselves a special treat. We've voted as a class for a mini music festival! 




Stone Age Presentations


Firework Dances!


In PE, we have been creating our own dances inspired by fireworks. First, we learned how to represent the fireworks we knew by using shapes. Then, in order to make our dances more fluid, we added pathways using a range of levels. 


The children have loved creating these dances and were so proud of them that they wanted to show them off to you!

Group 1

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Group 2

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Group 3

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Group 4

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Group 5

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