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Making our own Fossils!


This term, we are learning all about evolution and inheritance in our Science lessons. We absolutely loved making our own fossils last week, and I am so proud of how they turned out. These were the instructions we followed (in case anyone wants to have another go!):


1. Make a boat like shape using plasticine.

 We actually used modelling clay, but we realised that this probably wasn't the best choice!!


2. Make an imprint into the plasticine using toy dinosaurs.


3. Pour in a mixture of Plaster of Paris into the plasticine and imprint.


4. Leave the fossil to dry for a couple of days before peeling away the plasticine. 



Look at how fantastic our replica fossils turned out!





Painting Cave Art


We are all so excited to be learning lots about the Stone Age this term. In English, we have been reading a lovely story called Stone Age Boy. This is a fantastic book that is not only super enjoyable, but it is really educational too! We have learned that Neanderthals may have created cave paintings to communicate, tell stories, or even as part of rituals. 


On our first Friday back at school, we had a go at creating our own cave paintings. We wanted to do this as realistic as we could, so we used sandpaper as our canvas, and only colours that resembled the natural materials the Neanderthals would have used. I was very mean and would only let them use the wrong end of the paintbrushes, as they only used sticks or their fingers in the Stone Age! 


The children were absolutely amazing and their artwork has really livened up our topic display. I thought you all might like to see!