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Temporary Post: Maths 07.06.22

Celebrating Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee.

Art and Design:- 60's inspired Queen Elizabeth II scarecrow design competition.

Today Foxes were told the time period that our Queen Elizabeth II would be based on - The 60's!

We worked in pairs to research the fashion, hair and make-up trends from the era and then design our own Queen Elizabeth II scarecrow, complete with sceptre, orb and crown.

Following this, we held an anonymous vote to decide the winning design and the one we would re-create in scarecrow form for the Jubilee celebrations next week. Can you guess which one was selected?

Art and Design: children in our class have been busy creating 'Big Apples' in our Art lessons as part of our 'Born in the USA' topic!


Foxes have been studying poetry over the course of the last two weeks, kicked-off by World Poetry Day on Monday 21st March. 

We have looked-at some really challenging poems, such as The Highwayman, If and My Longest Journey.

We have written some of our own amazing poetry based-on 'The Skies above my Eyes' too. 

Mrs Daniels and Mrs Whitehall are both big fans of poetry, so we've really enjoyed exploring different poems with our class. Well done every body!


Animation: linking to Andy Warhol's famous Mickey Mouse print and using cross-curricular links with Computing, we drew our own Mickey Mouse characters and animated them using an online tool! Seeing our drawings come to life was magical!


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