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Here you will find some examples of the OUTSTANDING work completed in Class 5/6. 

We love celebrating our achievements as a class and are really proud of the masterpieces that we create. 


Mrs. Daniels has a weekly 'Superstar Writer' - someone who has shown amazing skills in their English work and created a wonderful piece of writing. 


We also have Mathsmagicians - children who show excellent skills in our maths lessons. Our new mastery challenges really help stretch us and challenge us to think deeply about mathematical concepts. 


We work together as a class to earn Dojo points. 

This term, our target is 3500! 

If we achieve our target - we will have earned a treat. We had a class discussion to share our treat ideas and then held a vote. It was close, but the majority voted for a 'Bake and Cake Sale’!

We’ll let you know what this will involve nearer the time (our treat day will be just before the Easter holiday). 

Our current Dojo total (as of the 13th February) is:




WOW Work - 14th February 2020


Mrs. Daniels would like to extend a huge 'Congratulations' to all of the children in Class 5/6 for their amazing work this half-term. We've had so much fun in our lessons and created some wonderful artwork including Ancient Greek vases, mosaics, Spartan/Athenian Shields and even learnt about the Greek alphabet. We also mustn't forget our awesome afternoon making and eating Greek food. 


Our writing is really improving and we've got lots of children either working towards or working at 'Greater Depth' - which is FANTASTIC! We've enjoyed using 'Who Let the Gods out?' as inspiration and our other writing lessons based-on the solar system.


In Maths, we've enjoyed learning about 'Measures' and have really challenged ourselves with tricky problem solving and hands-on activities. 


Our work is so good, Mrs. Daniels has been putting it on our main 'Class Page', so take a look there for some superstar writing and more examples of what we've been up to this half-term. 


Overall, it's been a brilliant half-term and we're looking forward to seeing you all again in a week's time to have lots more fun and hit the ground running by working really hard! 



WOW Work - 22nd January 2020

In our class book this week, we read about the Zodiac Council. We researched the Zodiac using our Chromebooks and made notes to help with our writing. We then planned our writing carefully and looked at the feature of non-fiction reports. We wrote our reports independently and celebrated Hayden's fantastic Greater Depth writing! 


WOW Work - 15th January 2020

We’ve been working really hard on Ancient Greek inspired art and design! 
What do you think of this wonderful mosaic? 

We also designed our own Ancient Greek vases (photographs to follow).



WOW Work - 16th December 2019

This week, we're completing lots of fun Christmas crafts! We made these lovely mini Christmas trees out of pine cones, cotton reels and wooden discs. 

We painted the base and pine cone, then decorated them with glitter. Some of us put flower stars on the top!

What do you think?


WOW Work - 6th December 2019

This week, we watched a short film about the fictional island of 'Pandora'. 

We planned our writing using lots of descriptive vocabulary, scientific facts and wonderful imagery. 

We designed our own mythical hexapod (six-limbed) insect.


Below are two examples of some fantastic Year 6 writing. 


What do you think of the brilliant writing? What makes it so good? Can you spot some great description? Are there a variety of clauses and sentence lengths?