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Where has the year gone?! I can't believe that my time at Rosliston is finally over. I genuinely mean it when I say that I could not have asked for a better class to cover for. You have all made me smile and laugh every single day, and you have given me memories to last for a lifetime. 


Please continue to believe in yourselves and strive for success. You all have such incredible potential and I know that - whatever you choose in life - you will be just wonderful. Although I am sad to leave today, I am leaving with a big smile on my face because you have made me so proud. Never forget how amazing you are, and always remember my mantra... be your own biggest fan. The only opinion that matters is your own. Be brave. Be confident. Be you.



Handing the page back to Mrs Daniels now smiley



Comic Relief 2021




We have had SO much fun in Class 5/6 this week! It has been amazing having all the children back in one classroom - it is definitely a lot louder again, but we love it!


To ease the children back into school routines, we have spent the week doing lots of team-building activities with a focus on communication and collaborative skills. The children's favourite projects have been: designing a futuristic classroom, hosting our very own Dragon's Den, and planning a post-lockdown party (pretend unfortunately). 



As it is British Science Week, some of our projects this week have involved using STEM skills. We have all had so much fun completing these projects. The children have all worked incredibly well in their teams and I could not be prouder of their growing confidence, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. 


Designing a Futuristic Classroom


As you know, this term we have been learning all about the Victorian era. This includes just how much schools have changed since these times (thankfully!). No longer do we use chalkboards, corporal punishment, or learn by constantly copying the teacher's notes! This got us thinking - how might schools change in 30 years time? 


In teams, the children worked together to design their own futuristic classroom. They thought about the implications of home learning and how this might affect schools in the future, as well as completing their own independent research. Once they negotiated on their ideas, the teams got to work by creating a classroom layout and their very own school prospectus. At the end of the day, each team had to 'sell' their school to the rest of the class by explaining how their ideas could positively impact teaching and learning. 


As voted by the children, our winner was... 




The other classroom designs were really amazing too!
















Dragon's Den


We have also been busy inventors in the classroom this week. For this project, the children watched a series of videos to spark some inspiration, before they came together as a group to discuss some problems that they could solve with new inventions. Each group then finalized their idea by creating diagrams and a poster to 'sell' their product to the dragons. Of course, they also had to create a prototype! We spent the entire afternoon using junk modelling materials to bring the children's inventions to life, and they loved it! 





What a creative week we have all had! From book reviews to descriptions of your favourite book characters, I have really enjoyed marking your fantastic work this week. I especially enjoyed seeing your creativity shine through as you wrote your very own short story! I know that you all loved having the freedom to write whatever you liked, and your passion definitely showed through your brilliant writing. I have attached some of your wonderful book reviews and short stories below. Well done Class 5/6 - I'll be seeing you all on Monday!!! 



One week and counting!


We're almost there guys! Just one more week of home learning until we're all back together in the classroom! Keep being amazing; better days are coming. 


This week we have started our new science topic of electricity - I know this isn't terribly exciting at home, but when we return to school we will be able to get our hands stuck in to all the fantastic experiments we have planned! Did anybody do any research on the electrical inventions that came about during the Victorian era? Let me know! 


This week we have also continued our reading of Gaslight and you have retold chapter 6 for our Big Write. You continue to blow me away with your applied writing skills! Our SPaG lesson this week was focused on using dialogue purposefully and effectively, and I was so happy to see many of you applying this in your Big Write. Keep this up guys! Next week, we will be putting Gaslight on hold until we are all back in school. This is to celebrate World Book Day - except we will be celebrating all week! Stay tuned for some really fun and creative activities. I think you're really going to enjoy our final week of home learning. blush




We made it! 


Finally! We've made it through the first part of the Spring term in lockdown! I know home learning has its challenges, but you have all exceeded my expectations and have done brilliantly. You must be so proud of yourselves; I've never been prouder of you all. The Class Meets have been my absolute favourite - being able to see your smiley faces and hear what you've been up to has often been the highlight of my day. Please take a well-earned break next week; try to get outdoors and leave the screens behind if you can. I'm sure your eyes will need a break too! 


Love, Miss Mee and Mrs Shorthose x





Chinese New Year Crafts

Painting our own Shirts!


Star Writers this Week!


Class 5/6, I was absolutely blown away by your writing today. You have all demonstrated a great understanding of the novel so far by putting yourself in Nansi's shoes. 


You will find this week's Star Writers below. These children have all been chosen for different reasons - this might be that they have shown great improvement from their previous work, they have used lots of ambitious vocabulary, or they have used impressive literary devices! The list could go on. I really enjoyed reading everyone's work this week. You all continue to make me the proudest teacher in the world. smiley


This Week's Home Learning


Another fantastic week Class 5/6! We have finished our learning of multiplication and division, started our new class novel 'Gaslight', and continued to express our creativity in the wider curriculum tasks! I have loved seeing your Queen Victoria sketches and so I have attached them below for you. You really are a talented bunch!!


In other good news, our class have won the Derbyshire Sumdog competition!! Well done everyone. Super proud of you all, as always.



Queen Victoria Sketches



This Week's Home Learning 


What a fantastic week of learning we have had! We have continued to practise our multiplication and division skills, written our own Kraken-inspired poems, learned all about the digestive system, developed our sketching skills, and so much more. Well done everyone! I continue to be amazed by you all. 


           Charlotte's Poem                                                   Jacob's Poem

Charlotte's poem


                      Jack's Sketch                                                            Liv's Poster










We've made it; we've got through the strangest term of school in history!! We've had a fantastic last week celebrating our success and getting excited for Christmas. Mrs Shorthose and I would just like to say a massive well done to each and every one of you. We are so proud of the progress you have made this term, and we can't wait to see what you do in 2021.


I'm aware that due to the current circumstances, we haven't been able to invite you into school to look at your children's fabulous work. Therefore, I asked the children to choose their favourite piece of writing to share with you on our class page. Each week (generally on a Friday), we complete a Big Write - which is essentially an extended piece of writing where we apply all of the skills we have learned that week. Your children may have chosen one of the following: 


  • A narrative - the children were tasked to rewrite the story Stone Age Boy (or Ug) from the perspective of another character
  • A letter - for our class book this term, we have been reading The Boy at the Back of the Class. This is a very touching story about refugees. We decided to write a letter to one of the characters in the book, who had a very controversial opinion on the matter.
  • A non-chronological report - the children spent time researching a Stone Age animal of their choice.
  • A biography - we spent Black History Month learning about several important people such as Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks. The children were given a choice of who they would like to write a biography on. 
  • A newspaper report - more recently, the children were tasked to write a newspaper report on the mysterious man with the red scarf. He had been witnessed committing the same crime, over and over again...


I'm sure you'll agree that they have all made immense progress since September and I am absolutely beaming with pride. You will find their chosen writing in 'Our Best Work'. 


Although Christmas might look a little different for us this year, let's not forget the true meaning of this holiday - celebrating with the people we love and creating magical memories. We hope you have a restful and a very merry Christmas with all of your loved ones.


Love, Miss Mee and Mrs Shorthose x




Who Can Build the Tallest Tower?


This afternoon, we had some GREAT fun doing a team-building exercise. The children worked in groups of 4 to build the tallest tower that they could but there were strict rules they had to follow - they were only allowed to use scrap paper, straws, and sellotape. 


I was absolutely amazed with how well the children worked in their groups. They were inclusive and they listened to each other's ideas incredibly well. When their time was up, we had 6 very different-looking towers but of course we had to pick a winner.


A huge well done to...


Their tower was the tallest and the most stable.



This Week in Class 5/6


Christmas is nearly here! We are all very excited in Class 5/6 and have loved Christmas Jumper Day in aid of Save the Children.



I'm sure by now you've all heard of our naughty elves Jinx and Jingle... so far they've been caught watching Christmas movies all night long, playing Jenga, and swinging from the tinsel. We even once came to school to find poor Jinx taped to the whiteboard!! Jinx soon took his revenge though - he trapped Jingle inside a Coca-Cola bottle! I wonder what shenanigans they'll get up to next week... 


Our Awards


...for consistently working so hard in Maths. It was no secret that FG loved Maths the moment we met. Her enthusiasm and passion really is admirable; you are an absolute superstar and I am so incredibly proud of you!




Our TOP Dojo Collectors this week are...

BS, EC and FP




This Week in Class 5/6


Even though our children are starting to feel tired with the end of term looming, they are all still working ever so hard. We've had a very busy week with lots of fun and exciting activities (one of which is a secret...). 


Our learning of the Stone Age has very sadly come to an end for now. To consolidate and show off what the children have learned, they worked in a pair to create a presentation. They were all so fantastic that it was an extremely difficult task to choose our winners, but here they are:


1st place 


2nd place


3rd place 

You can see the rest of the children's fabulous presentations in the tab 'Our Best Work'. 



Our Awards

...for being an excellent team player in your Stone Age presentation this week. Well done JS - you are a fantastic friend and your presentation was wonderful. You and your partner fully deserved 1st place. 




Our TOP Dojo collectors this week are...

EC, CJ, FG, CH, HS, JS, UO and JM




Our Awards this Week


... for working so hard in his last week at Ros. You absolutely smashed your work on fractions and we are so proud of you. We will all miss you and your lovely smile. Good luck!!





Our TOP Dojo collectors this week are...

EP and MH



This Week in Class 5/6


We've had a creative and thoughtful week in Class 5/6. For Friendship Week, we have discussed this year's theme and created our own socks to express our individuality and celebrate diversity. (Did you see them? We hung them around the front of the school. We think they looked fantastic!!) 



In Class 5/6, we really value the importance of kindness. So, we decided to create our own Kindness box, where children can write something special for somebody in the class. We then read these notes out on a Friday.


You may also have noticed that we have started our own 'Star of the Week', where a child is chosen at random, and we then write something special about that person. This creates a poster of compliments for that individual, which they can then take home as a keepsake. In order for every child to be chosen before Mrs Daniels returns, there will be two 'Star of the Week's, one on a Monday, and the other on the Friday. 



Our Awards

...for consistently working hard and displaying exemplary behaviour every single day. CH, you are a fantastic role model for your peers and you are a kind, caring and wonderful friend. This week, you have amazed me with your writing. You have included all kinds of greater depth punctuation, and lots of ambitious vocabulary. Really well done - keep it up! 





Our TOP Dojo collectors this week are...

NB and OB





Pen licenses have been awarded to...





This Week in Class 5/6


It's been another fantastic and busy week in Class 5/6. On Wednesday, we participated in a socially distanced whole school worship to commemorate Remembrance Day, with two of our very own children sharing very special prayers. We then visited the churchyard where we lay down the poppy wreath, that we had created collectively, at the war memorial. 


We remember those who gave their tomorrow for our today. 


In our topic learning this week, we have learned all about the Stone Age diet. We travelled back in time and took on the role of hunter-gatherers. Some of us had the responsibility of hunting animals - we hadn't heard of any of the animals' names before! Some of the animals included glyptodons, mastodons, and a sabre-toothed cat. The rest of us had the responsibility of gathering berries, nuts and seeds. We had to be careful though - some of these were poisonous!!



Our Awards

...for working so hard this week. You have amazed me with your new success in using the semi-colon, and your confidence when reading a prayer in front of the whole school! Not to mention you've also been awarded your pen license this week!!



Our TOP Dojo collectors this week are...

JMa and CW



Pen licenses have been awarded to...

AW, EP, DD, NB, MG and EC



Our New Eco-Warrior Representatives


Last week, some of our children campaigned to become an Eco-Warrior by presenting to the entire class. I must say, I am incredibly proud of each and every child who prepared for this. You were all so brave and confident as you spoke in front of the class. A huge well don

e to you all! 


After a fantastic week, the class have voted and we are proud to say that Frankie and Eleanor will be our new Eco-warriors. 





Making our own Fossils!


This term, we are learning all about evolution and inheritance in our Science lessons. We absolutely loved making our own fossils last week, and I am so proud of how they turned out. These were the instructions we followed (in case anyone wants to have another go!):


1. Make a boat like shape using plasticine.

  We actually used modelling clay, but we realised that this probably wasn't the best choice!!


2. Make an imprint into the plasticine using toy dinosaurs.


3. Pour in a mixture of Plaster of Paris into the plasticine and imprint.


4. Leave the fossil to dry for a couple of days before peeling away the plasticine. 



Look at how fantastic our replica fossils turned out!!



Painting Cave Art


We are all so excited to be learning lots about the Stone Age this term. In English, we have been reading a lovely story called Stone Age Boy. This is a fantastic book that is not only super enjoyable, but it is really educational too! We have learned that Neanderthals may have created cave paintings to communicate, tell stories, or even as part of rituals. 


On our first Friday back at school, we had a go at creating our own cave paintings. We wanted to do this as realistic as we could, so we used sandpaper as our canvas, and only colours that resembled the natural materials the Neanderthals would have used. I was very mean and would only let them use the wrong end of the paintbrushes, as they only used sticks or their fingers in the Stone Age! 


The children were absolutely amazing and their artwork has really livened up our topic display. I thought you all might like to see! 



Welcome back Class 5/6!


I have had the most wonderful first week of school getting to know each and every one of you. You would never have guessed that you have had almost six months away from school! I am so incredibly proud of you all for how well you have readjusted back to school life.


Our PE days will be every Monday and Thursday. Please ensure that your child arrives to school wearing their

PE kit on those days. Earrings should be removed before coming to school if the children cannot remove them themselves.


Reading diaries and reading books have now been distributed, and they should be brought into school daily. In due course, homework and spellings will also start up again. In addition to children bringing home their own copy of these, they will also be updated onto our class page (just in case we have any dogs that like to eat homework!). New spelling words will be given to the children every Thursday, and they will be tested the following Friday. This gives the children 8 days to practise!


Homework will be given to children on Thursday afternoon and should be returned to school on the Monday morning. This means that the children can ask for support should they need any on the Friday, but also that the homework can be quarantined for the appropriate number of days to allow for marking and redistribution. 


I feel so lucky to be your children's teacher this year, and I know that we are going to have so much fun together. Please do not hesitate to send the school office an email if you have any questions or concerns at all. We are more than happy to ease your worries and support you in any way we can.


Miss Mee