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We learned all about the Nativity story this week.  We each took on different roles to act out the story and then worked brilliantly in groups to sequence the different parts.  To finish the afternoon, we used our imaginations to create nativity scenes using blocks, stickle bricks and lego.  Check out the photos below.

What fantastic teamwork helping us all to learn! 


We learned all about Diwali this week and even created our own Rangoli patterns.  Check out the pictures below.

London's Burning!


This week we finished off our 'fire' pictures by creating silhouettes of houses from the time of the Great Fire of London.  We used templates, chalk and scissors on our own to make them.  Have a look at the pictures below.


We also created Autumn collages using leaves and twigs we had collected ourselves from the school garden.


We had a wonderful afternoon creating 'fire' pictures using just our hands and paint.  We also painted self portraits for a class display and created beautiful poppies to be used for Remembrance Day.  As a final challenge, we used the wooden blocks to make a street just like one in London in 1666, with the houses all very close together.  Well done everyone!


We have been thinking about what the houses were like in 1666 before the Great Fire of London.  

We made our own models of the buildings using our cutting, sticking and following instructions skills.