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Welcome Back Week!


To celebrate the children being back in school we are having a 'Welcome Back Week.'  This includes a P.E. Day, Science Days and Art Days.  

Check out the photos below of each day.


Thursday - Art Day - We painted stones with pictures of the things we love.

Tuesday - Science Day - We designed and created our own machines to make our world a better place.

Monday - P.E. Day. The children worked together beautifully to design and create obstacle courses.


We have had a lovely last day of term.  The children have behaved beautifully, despite absolutely bursting with excitement!

They topped it all off with a dance around the playground, see the pictures below!

Have a wonderful Christmas and remember to check your emails for your surprise from the children!


What a wonderful Christmas lunch we all enjoyed today!

The children tucked in with real enthusiasm (and still had room for a chocolate treat in the afternoon!)

A big thank you to Ellie and Wendy for all of their hard work in preparing the Christmas dinner for the whole school - it was delicious!


The children are definitely on the Christmas countdown!  The excitement is mounting (as are the volume levels!)  We have been using up lots of energy doing different sports this week, including on the balance bikes.  Have a look at our P.E. page to see the pictures.


As well as looking forward to Christmas, the lovely children in our class have been thinking about people who might be lonely or sad at this time of year.  They have made beautiful cards to send to other people who they have never met, to try to put a smile on their faces.  We are so proud of each and every one of the children as they are always thinking of others. 


It's most certainly beginning to look a lot like Christmas in school!

Our Elf Advent Calendar is up and running, filling the children with much excitement when we reveal the 'elf' for that day.


Our learning about the Nativity Story was delightful, with all of the children working together in different challenges.  Check out our Topic page for more information and photos.  Also have a look at our English page where our class have been writing some very important letters!


Have a wonderful weekend and we'll see you on Monday, when I am sure the excitement will continue to build!


Mrs. Hall



We have had a lovely week in school.  Have a look at our Maths page to read about our adding and take away challenges.  Also take a look at the photos on the P.E. page of us practising our skills for a virtual competition against other schools in the area.


Look who has made an appearance in our classroom this week too!

Who can this mysterious elf be?  Do you think any others will appear in our classroom during the next few weeks? 

Keep watching to find out!


This week has been our 'Friendship Week', where the children have spent time thinking about how to be a good friend.  Luckily, all of the children are fantastic at this so we were able to take part in some lovely friendship activities.  Have a look at the photos below to see the 'Odd Socks' the children decorated to show how we are all different.  Also, take a peak at our beautiful new rainbow which covers one of the classroom walls.  The children worked together to create this masterpiece! 


We have had a fantastic week, full of active learning and super progress. Check out the photos on the Topic page of our Rangoli patterns as well as our class role plays in English.


You would have been so proud of the children during the two minute silence for Remembrance Day.  They behaved with a real maturity and took part in discussions about it with compassion and kindness.  What a lovely group of children they are!


The children looked wonderful coming to school this morning in their Children in Need gear. 

Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity in supporting this cause.  


I hope you all enjoy your weekend and we'll see you again on Monday.

Take care and stay safe please!


Mrs. Hall 



The children have returned to school after their

half term holiday with a fantastic attitude.  They have worked and played hard all week and are definitely ready for the weekend!


They have homework in their homework

books as well as new spellings to practise this week.


I hope you all manage to have a lovely weekend

and we will see you on Monday.  Please stay safe and take care.



Mrs. Hall





The children had a wonderful afternoon experimenting with lots of different 'Art' methods to create their very own Firework pictures.


Check out the pictures below!

Can you see the paint, collages, felt tips, chalks? 

Ask the children to explain how they created their picture.



 What a scary end to a fantastic half term!


The children looked absolutely wonderful

(if a little frightening) in their costumes! 

Check out the photos below.


I have been delighted with the whole class throughout this half term.  They are all kind, thoughtful, full of energy and very hardworking - a teacher's dream!  Thank you all for your support and encouragement from home.  All of the children are starting to thrive as a result.


Please make sure that you all have a super half term break. 

There is no homework set, to give the children (and you) chance to relax properly.  


Stay safe and we'll see you all in a week's time.

With lots of love

Mrs. Hall