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In Class 5/6, we enjoy maths lessons every day. We work hard on our mastery skills, becoming Mathsmagicians!


Our lessons vary every week but we tend to have input lessons on a Monday, application and calculation lessons on a Tuesday and reasoning on Wednesday and Thursday. We usually complete our 'Speed Tests', times table quizzes and other arithmetic mastery on Fridays. 


Our topic at the moment is: Measures!


We've looked metric measures and compared them, estimate them, calculated them and solved word problems involving lots of different units including millimetres, centimetres, metres, litres, grams and many more. We also learned about volume and how to measure capacity. We talked about imperial measures too.


Then we looked at 'time'. This involved units of time, the 24 and 12 hour clocks, calculating time, calendars and timetables, converting units of time and time-based word problems!


At the moment, we're learning about area and perimeter! We'll soon be moving onto geometry and shape work. 




Have a go at the maths puzzle below. 


The KenKen is a Japanese number puzzle that we sometimes complete in class. It is a great way to practise arithmetic and calculation skills. 


  • You can only use numbers between 1 and 9. 
  • You must fill all of the cages (the bold blocks) so that the total is the result of the calculation. For example, if the cage contains '8x' and there are 2 boxes in the cage, you must choose 2 numbers which multiply together to make a product of 8. If the cage containes '16+' and there are 3 boxes, you must choose 3 numbers which add together to total 16.
  • You cannot repeat a number in the same row (horizontal), column (vertical) or cage (bold section). 
  • See how quickly you can complete the puzzle or how many different combinations you can use to solve it.