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In Class 5/6, we enjoy maths lessons every day. We work hard on our mastery skills, becoming Mathsmagicians!


Our lessons vary every week but we tend to have input lessons on a Monday, application and calculation lessons on a Tuesday and reasoning on Wednesday and Thursday. We usually complete our 'Speed Tests', times table quizzes and other arithmetic mastery on Fridays. 


Our topic at the moment is: Measures!


At the moment, we're looking at 'time'. This has involved units of time, the 24 and 12 hour clocks, calculating time, calendars and timetables, converting units of time and time-based word problems!




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Have a go at the maths puzzle below. 


The KenKen is a Japanese number puzzle that we sometimes complete in class. It is a great way to practise arithmetic and calculation skills. 


  • You can only use numbers between 1 and 9. 
  • You must fill all of the cages (the bold blocks) so that the total is the result of the calculation. For example, if the cage contains '8x' and there are 2 boxes in the cage, you must choose 2 numbers which multiply together to make a product of 8. If the cage containes '16+' and there are 3 boxes, you must choose 3 numbers which add together to total 16.
  • You cannot repeat a number in the same row (horizontal), column (vertical) or cage (bold section). 
  • See how quickly you can complete the puzzle or how many different combinations you can use to solve it. 
Picture 1