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Rosliston's Curriculum


At Rosliston School we follow the National Curriculum, set out by the government, for pupils of primary school age.  The current curriculum was implemented in 2014.  Within these guidelines we have adopted a creative, cross-curricular approach - that we hope will make pupils' learning more cohesive and engaging.  Although, please be aware that we are currently working to review our curriculum and these themes are subject to change.


As we have mixed-age classes, our curriculum themes cycle through on a two year rotation, so that children do not repeat content during their time in each class. In order to reinforce and build on specific subject knowledge and skills, we do re-visit some of these within the two year cycle.


Our school curriculum has been designed with age-related class themes across each term. Through the themed approach, we endeavour to make the most of links between learning and subject areas. For instance, in a topic about Great Britain the children might learn about the history and geography of Great Britain.  They may write letters to places of interest requesting information in their English lessons.  Through science, music and art we might learn about specific British individuals who have, or are currently making, important contributions to the country and indeed the world.  Whilst we try to make as many curriculum links as we can, we also recognise that some subject matter may need to be taught discretely alongside the main class theme. 


Please see the overviews at the bottom of this page, for the topics our children will be covering each term. 

Accessed via the link below, are our whole-school progression documents for each subject. 

Overviews: Whole School Curriculum Overview