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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium

Pupil premium funding is given to all maintained schools for the purpose of improving the achievement and learning experience of vulnerable and disadvantaged pupils. It is specifically given to schools to use for improving provision for those pupils eligible for free school meals, and it is the number of means tested free school meal pupils which determines the amount we get.


For the financial year 2018/2019 we received £29000


Data analysis shows that this funding is being successfully targeted and pupils in receipt of premium are making progress which is at least in line with all other pupils.


At Rosliston we use this money to provide interventions and resources for pupils according to need. It is used to fund a teaching assistant who  works for 6 hours per week in school. These hours are used to provide interventions (in maths and literacy) for certain pupils as indicated by the classteacher, mainly in KS2. The TA works in close collaboration with the classteacher(s) concerned and the impact  is closely monitored in terms of quality of provision and pupils' attainment and progress. An additional TA is employed for 9hpw to work in Y1 and EYFS, focusing on pupils who are underachieving in phonics and maths, this is especially important to the Y1 pupils in preparation for their phonics screening check in the summer term. It also ensures that pupils who do not pass this assessment can continue to receive help as thay move through the school.

Talk time intervention £500

Specific resources have also been purchased such as reading and language development intervention materials and computer software a well as some iPads in order that we can utilise some of the excellent and varied apps available for encouraging engagement.


Parents are always informed about any interventions we carry out and their support is paramount to the success of the system as additional work to complete at home may be set which is additional to that set by the class teacher.


£200 of this funding is also used to provide free milk to those pupils eligible for free school meals.

Keyboard lessons have been provided for some pupils at a cost of £500 along with guitar lessons for others at a cost of £80. It is hoped that this offers opportunities for chidren, not  otherwise available to them.


Approximately £200 has also be used to subsidise school residential visits and other school trips


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