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Ancient Greece (Spring)

*February 2020*


We've been working hard in our topic lessons. We've covered lots of information about Ancient Greek culture, Gods and Goddesses, food, battles and compared then to now. We completed a homework project over the half-term holiday based-on the Parthenon. Linked to this, we'll soon be doing some work with Miss. Twells on Ancient Greek architecture and how their buildings looked. We're also going to be thinking about Ancient Greek music and entertainment. 

We're really excited to share our work with our parents and families on Tuesday 3rd March in our Brilliance Showcase (2:30-3:15pm)!


*January 2020*


We’ve hit the ground running with our new topic which we’ve called ‘Who let the Gods out?’ (which is the title of the book we’re reading at the moment too)!


We’ve already learnt about when the Ancient Greek period was and when it fitted into a historical timeline, Gods and Goddesses, the zodiac, mosaics and vases. 

Have a look below for some of our amazing art and design pieces so far! We’ve worked hard to plan our ideas first, and then create our works of art.