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Friday 25th March

Today we are continuing with looking at the second part of The Highwayman. Once we have read all of the poem, we will be reading back through and identifying any figurative language, such as metaphors, similes, personification and alliteration. We will also be looking for any poetic features, such as repetition, rhyme, rhyming couplets.

Once you have read the poem and feel you understand the story, I would like you choose two characters from the poem. I would like you to create character profiles for both of these characters in the form of WANTED posters. The posters must include information about the character like, name, gender, age etc. It should also include facts about relatives, where they live, their occupation and known associates. The poster must also include a picture of your character, using information about their appearance from the poem.

Thursday 24.03.22


Before Sunrise


Watch this video...


Then, can you write a creative piece about the short film, using as many similes and metaphors as you can. Include figurative language and 'show me, don't tell me' description. 



The Dreadful Menace

Still image for this video
Winter Olympic Trailer, featuring 'The Dreadful Menace' poem.

Some writing opportunities from The Literacy Shed. Watch the videos and look at the writing opportunities below each one. See what you can plan and write independently! 


The Retro Shed Videos and Writing Ideas

WB: 8th November 2021

In class, we're studying the book 'The Explorer'. We'll be working on our VIPERS skills. Please work through the activity booklet above (some of the tasks state to work in pairs or groups, but you should be able to complete them on your own or with an adult). 

As well as this booklet, you can use The Literacy Shed VIPERS (linked on the previous page) and Twinkl workbooks to practise your SPaG skills. 

Feel free to complete some creative writing, or keep a diary of your time at home. 

You can look on BBC Bitesize for some more English activities.