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Look at our Wonderful Home Learning!

Fun in the snow at home and school :)

Merry Christmas from Reception

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What a wonderful Christmas lunch we all enjoyed today!

The children ate it with real enthusiasm (and still had room in the afternoon for a chocolate treat!)

A big thank you to Ellie and Wendy for all of their hard work in preparing the dinner for everyone in school.

27.11.20 A mysterious door has appeared in the school garden!

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Something very exciting has happened! One of the children found an ancient treasure map sticking out of a tyre outside. We followed the map around the school garden. Where was it going to lead...perhaps to a gigantic gorilla? It led the children to a mysterious fairy door hidden amongst the leaves by the fish pond. When we got back to class we wrote a letter to the fairy (although the children wondered if it might be an elf as it is getting close to Christmas) to find out more about him/ her. The children drew some pictures as gifts and we left them by the fairy door. I wonder if we will get a reply... :)


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Two of our current displays. First is our kindness display - look how many acts of kindness we have seen in class this week! The children have also done some fabulous Diwali and firework art for our 'Light up the Night' display.

20.11.20 This week, we have been learning the story of Goldilocks and The Three Bears. The children made their own porridge and added delicious toppings - yummy!


We had an unexpected visitor in Reception today.....a toad! The children looked carefully at our new friend and made him a lovely home in a tray. He eventually hopped away but we are hoping that he will visit again soon. 

12.11.20 Our visit from a toad

5.11.20 The children decided to make their own walkway outside today. The floor was lava! :D

We are busy making a new role play area in the classroom. The children voted for a castle theme for this term so we will be looking at castles in stories and also some real life castles.

Halloween potion making and colour mixing

16.10.20 Making healthy fruit kebabs (with a hint of choccy for extra yum factor)

14.10.20 The children used their own brilliant ideas for Supertato crafts, which they used to act out their own Supertato stories and play superheroes outside.

14.10.20 The children worked with Mrs Foster to thread a beautiful conker number line for our outdoor area. Thank you for all of the conkers!

7.10.20 Leaf Monsters

29.9.20: We would like donations of large, round conkers to make a number line using strings of conkers for our outdoor area with the children. If you have any spare, could you please bring them into school. Thank you!

Could we also ask for any donations of junk modelling materials such as cardboard tubes (not toilet rolls though please) , toothpaste tubes, bottle tops, small boxes etc. This is a very popular activity with the children so our stocks run low quite quickly :). 

For the next couple of weeks we are looking at autumn. We have already had some fantastic autumn models made from autumn treasures and playdoh and discoveries made at the autumn sensory table. The children loved throwing sycamore seeds into the air and watching them spin to the ground. This led to making fans to try to blow them further, just like an autumn breeze..

The children had a brilliant time exploring how to connect the guttering pipes and using them as a track to roll conkers down, then to pour water into containers. Lots of teamwork involved!

Making buildings using construction materials 22.9.20

Our Colour Monster Display

Playing with the Water Wall 18.9.20

One of our clever Reception children constructed an obstacle courses for his friends outside.

Our first pieces of child initiated artwork on the line. I can see that we have a class of budding artists :)


The children have really enjoyed playing with the marble run this week, so we would like to extend their learning by giving them the materials to create their own marble run. Could you please collect the inside cardboard tubes from kitchen rolls (no toilet rolls please) to bring into school. We will quarantine these before the children use them.  Thank you!

Mrs Sutton