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Picture 1 Mrs. Daniels - Teacher
Picture 2 Mrs. Shorthose - Teaching Assistant

We also receive support from Mrs. Foster, Miss. Gaunt and Mrs. Gaunt throughout the week.

The latest news from Class 5/6!

Ancient Greek Food!

12th February 2020


This afternoon, we threw ourselves into Ancient Greek cuisine!

We learnt about what the Greeks ate all those years ago and had an amazing carousel of activities.

Ask us about what the Greeks drank, how they ate and how they cleaned their hands...


We made honey pancakes with Mrs. Shorthose - we've attached the recipe below if you'd like to recreate them at home. 

Mrs. Foster and Mrs. Daniels helped us make a Greek salad which included lettuce, tomatoes and feta cheese. We also chopped cucumbers and carrots to try with our tasty dips (Houmous and Tzatziki). 

We then toasted some delicious pitta bread and put some green olives in a bowl. 

Finally, we sat at our feasting table and tucked into our delicious food!

When we weren't working on the food, we were making our own Greek menus, typing-up the pancake recipe and decorating plates with popular Greek food.

Have a flick through our slideshow below to see what a wonderful afternoon we had.



Solar System Writing​​​​​​


Last week, we had an amazing English lesson, during which Mrs. Daniels made the classroom into outer space! This linked to our current class text 'Who Let the Gods Out?'.

It was pitch black and a video was playing of a journey through the solar system. We used the Now Press Play headsets and Mrs. Daniels played some galactic music to inspire us. We made word banks together, thinking about the senses and how we could describe what we were thinking, feeling, seeing etc. 

Then we worked on our own to make our own word banks and plan our writing. We made sure we included lots of expanded noun phrases (which was our SPaG focus for the week).


We finished our writing yesterday and WOW - did we do well?! 

Please see below some examples of our awesome work from Eleanor, Hayden, Amy, Tillie and Erin.


Eleanor was our Star Writer this week - CONGRATULATIONS!! 


Go team 5/6! You're doing SO well!


Always, Sometimes, Never.


This week, Mrs. Daniels has introduced us to her new game: Always, Sometimes, Never!

We all have a colourful table tennis ball with our names on and three baskets, each labelled with a different option (Always, Sometimes and Never). 

Mrs. Daniels gives us a statement (based on what we've been doing in our lesson) and we have to think about it, choose an answer and be able to justify why we think what we do. 

It's a really good way to think about things differently and check our understanding.

We're going to be using this in lots of different lessons. 



Friday 24th January 2020

Today, we celebrated Chinese New Year in school. We spent some time this afternoon making our own Chinese dragons using concertina paper folding and careful colouring, considering the colours and their meanings according to Chinese culture. Some children chose purple to represent love and romance, some chose green to represent the harvest and eating lots of yummy food, others chose yellow which represents sunshine and prosperity. Some of us also made masks and coloured intricate drawings of rats (because it's the year of the rat)!

Some of our class played a very important role at the end of lunchtime too, participating in a typical Chinese dragon dance! The rest of the school loved it! 




Thursday 23rd January 2020

Today, we had a visit from Jules and her very special hen Mabel, from Packington Farm. 

Jules and Mabel spent the day with us in school, spending time with each class. They joined our class for a talk all about the Countryside Code. 

First, Jules answered our questions about Mabel and farm animals in general. Then she told us all about the three golden rules of the Countryside Code: Respect, Protect, Enjoy

We then worked through a scenario, in which we were going on a walk with our friends and had to choose six items to take with us from a GPS device to chocolate. We had to think about what would be most useful and why! 

Perhaps the highlight of the visit however, was when Mabel laid an egg in our classroom!!

Thank you to Jules (and Mabel) for coming and seeing us. 


Friday 20th December - IT'S CHRISTMAS!


Mrs. Daniels and Mrs. Shorthose would like to say a huge 'Thank you' for the kind and generous cards, gifts and well wishes for the festive season. 


Instead of buying individual gifts for our class this year, we all had a discussion about buying/donating a charitable gift instead. We browsed the 'Unicef' website for possible ideas and the children voted for a vaccination pack (as seen in the photograph below). We have purchased this as a Christmas gift for the class and are very proud of their kindness and generosity! We're really glad that we can contribute to something positive for people in need.


Merry Christmas and all the very best for the start of 2020! 


More information about this gift can be found here: 


Tuesday 17th December - Carol Concert


'Thank you' to all of our family and friends who came to support us with our Christmas carol concert this afternoon. It was very chilly on the playground but we had lots of fun. 

We sang 'Jingle Bell Rock' and now feel very Christmassy!


Tuesday 17th December - William Allitt Trip


We all enjoyed our fantastic trip to William Allitt secondary school today. We had a tour of the library and familiarised ourselves with different kinds of books and other literary media such as DVDs. We worked in teams to solve a puzzle, which was a map of the library! 


We then had a brilliant English lesson with Mrs. Tissington in a big classroom. We studied the poem 'The Tyger' by William Blake. Mrs. Tissington told us that this was a Year 7 lesson - and we rose to the challenge! As we worked through the activities, she said we were giving her GCSE students a run for their money!


We were so proud of the children in our class who showed just how hard they work in their lessons. Their VIPERS skills and understanding of different text types really shone through. They were knowledgeable, confident and mature. 


We all enjoyed the rides on the minibuses too! 


Thank you to Mrs. Lundman and all of the staff at William Allitt for helping us arrange the visit and for making us feel so welcome.