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20.9.21 - Today, we learned about viaducts and aquaducts as part of our 'All Aboard' topic. We looked at photographs of famous aquaducts and viaducts from around Britain and discussed how they had been built. The children worked well in teams using whichever materials they thought would be suitable to make their own viaducts and aquaducts. Mrs Sutton was very proud of how the children listened to each others ideas and were so resourceful in using the outdoor and indoor equipment to build their structures.

13.9.21 We started off our design and technology topic by reading Iggy peck Architect and making our own bridges from a variety of materials. The children enjoyed accessing this activity during choosing time and worked brilliantly together! They had some wonderfully creative ideas and joined materials in lots of different ways :)

11.9.21 The Colour Monster biscuit making

6.9.21 - Our first day back at school. 

The children had a wonderful first day back (or first day) at school! The older children did a fantastic job of looking after the new reception group and helped them to find their way around. There was a lot to explore both inside and out and the children enjoyed making new friends and playing together :).